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About Old Greenwich Capital Partners

A customized multi-manager platform, Old Greenwich Capital Partners (OGCP), is helmed by industry veteran and hedge fund of funds expert Jeffrey Arsenault. Since its founding in 2005, OGCP has offered a select and strategically diversified roster of experienced investment managers to its clientele.

A shift towards separately managed accounts (SMAs) was seen in the wake of the country’s credit crisis as a significant number of investors reacted by choosing to shy away from the traditional way they allocated capital to hedge fund managers. Aside from eliminating lockups, gates and suspended redemptions, an SMA platform offers a much needed level of full transparency regarding the underlying holdings of a fund. It also provides vehicles to access managers with AUM <$100M, that make up 80% of the hedge fund universe.

OGCP, in a bid to better service its managers and clientele, has deliberately crafted a technical platform that stands on two key tenets: identifying investment managers that are alpha generating and have aligned investor risk/reward parameters; and providing an integrated technology and reporting infrastructure that serves both sophisticated investors and managers.

Risk Management

OGCP’s investment process is founded on risk management and this belief is fully integrated into the firm’s system and framework. Since initial manager approval and selection plays a crucial role in reducing both idiosyncratic and systemic risks, the firm keeps a close eye on the process, from manager selection to portfolio construction and ongoing monitoring. OGCP’s platform provides selected managers, who are electronically integrated into the system, with state-of-the-art infrastructure and comprehensive daily analytics on aggregated data which is also made available to the investor. OGCP’s technology allows investors to be more involved and enables them to drill down to position level information and run risk analytics at the individual manager or aggregated portfolio levels.

 Client Focus

OGCP’s client oriented culture has helped the company provide unmatched quality service to its clients for more than eight years. Towards this end, the firm engages its clients in a rigorous and systematic process aimed at accurately assessing their individual risk/return profile. The breadth and diversity of the strategies across sector, geography, and asset class on the OGCP’s platform allows the firm to structure appropriately tailored, client-specific portfolios with flexibility and focus.